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Friday, February 12, 2016
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Release Notes
Release No. (Descending)
Release Date (Descending)
5.92/1/20161. Updated Class Attendance page - added scroll bars, made other usability improvements, and updated design
2. Added Work Keys by State detail report
3. Require class transfer date to be between the last date the student attended the class transferring from and today
4. Changed User Page to allow middle name instead of just allowing middle initial
5. Added “Highest Education Level” to user page
6. Added ability to duplicate Inventory items
7. Added new Goal Administration page for users with the “Manage Performance Measures” permission
5.81/15/20161. Replaced ACCS logo with new Alabama Adult Education logo
2. Hide login error message when a user attempts to login again
3. Updated enrollment calculation on “Efficiency by Class” report
4. Filter by date range on Class Roster page works again
5. Added “Quantity” and “Pending” columns to Expense grid on Create Inventory and Edit Inventory pages
5.71/5/20161. Users can change their password from the My Account page
2. Added total rows to "Efficiency by Program" and "Efficiency by Class" reports
5.612/16/20151. Corrected links on Table 5 & 5A Detail Reports
2. Corrected Table 6 report so US/Non-US student totals match Table 1 totals
3. Updated month and year title on all Expense reports
5.511/23/20151. Added new Work Keys – State report
2. Updated Table 5 report to match Table 5 Detail report and Table 5A report to match Table 5A Detail report
3. Added student contact information to Table 5 Detail and Table 5A Detail reports
4. Moved remaining budget reports to new architecture
5. Include A in title for Table 5A Detail report
6. Show current employee name in the Budget and on Budget Reports
5.411/6/20151. Data matched with DOL for “Gained Employment” and “Retained Employment” outcomes
2. Added “Useful Links” section to the Help page
3. Sped up Browse Inventory page
4. Updated “Work Keys by Program” and “Work Keys by Class” reports and added detail reports for them
5. Auto-populate “Prepared By” on budget report "Monthly Summary of Funds"
6. Changed “Year to Date Budget & Expenditures Tracking” report to show one column with the calculated change of all budget amendments instead of always showing the first three budget amendments
5.310/28/20151. Added new "Work Keys by Class" report
2. Require current password to be correct when changing password
3. Added “Supplies – Computing Devices” to budget report “Form 1C”
4. Default "Invoice Type" in expense to "Non-Capital"
5. Added "Prepared by" and "AE Director" to Reason section for budget amendments
6. Auto-populate cover page for budget report "Form 1"
7. Added “Prepared by” to View/Edit MSF page
5.210/15/20151. Data matched with DAX for “Entered Postsecondary Education” outcome
2. Created new “Work Keys Level by Program” report
3. Changed how “Last Login Date” is set for users so it is more accurate
4. Added “Forgot Password” functionality
5. Removed Class Assistance pages
6. Updated budget report "Form 1" to have a cover sheet and show all amendments
7. Created new budget report “Form 1B1” for Supplies – Computing Devices
5.19/29/20151. Updated the logo to match the current ACCS logo
2. Changed the "Program" drop down to default to user's program for student registration/re-registration if a user only has access to one program
3. Changed reports to always show the program and class name(s) in the report footer
4. Changed “Table 5” report to only include students with data matching permission for “Column D”
5. Removed "Import Employees" button from "Professional Development" line item in the Budget
6. Updated security for buttons on "Salary", "Expense", and "Professional Development" line items in the Budget
7. Updated wording in user emails
4.99/14/20151. Resolved multiple layout issues
2. Added validation to not allow removal of all student attendance on dates with a test
3. Allow State Admins to delete students, registrations, and separated classes at any time
4. Require a description when entering an expense for Expense Packages
5. Added “Amend No.” to Budget reports 1A, 1A1 and 2A
4.88/27/20151. Marked "CASAS" battery inactive
2. Updated security for adding goals and outcomes
3. Added “Work Keys Expenditures” budget report
4. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices Expenditures" budget report
5. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices" line item to Inventory pages
6. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices" line item to “Form 3A” budget report
7. Require site information to be selected when creating/editing a class that is not marked as online
8. Do not allow unit quantity in expense to be changed to less than the number of items already inventoried for that expense
4.78/14/20151. Data matched with DOL for “Gained Employment” and “Retained Employment” outcomes
2. Added testing rules document to help page
3. Added "Other Expenditures" on Budget Reports page
4. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices" line item to Budget
5. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices" line item to Expense
6. Added "Supplies - Computing Devices" line item to Budget Reports
7. Require inventory to be entered for all expenses that must be inventoried for Form 3A when submitting an expense package
8. Updated help manual
4.68/5/20151. Limit selection for sites on Class, Budget, Expense, and Inventory pages to only active sites
2. Added Inventory training PP as a downloadable PDF on the Help page
3. Added "Other" line item to Budget
4. Added “Other” line item to Expense
5. Updated employee benefit rates displayed
6. Changed title on Budget page to show dynamic line item name
7. Added “Federal Award Identification Number” to all budget reports to start showing up FY 2016
8. Added functionality for State Admins to change the “Federal Award Identification Number” for each Fiscal Year
9. Added program's address to MSF budget report
10. Changed program Zip Code to allow 5 digits or 5 digits, a dash, and 4 digits
11. Changed program Federal I.D. # to allow 9 digits, a space, and 2 digits
12. Added "Ready to Work" Class Type
4.57/16/20151. Data matched with DAX for “Entered Postsecondary Education or Training” outcome
2. Added Student Attendance Rate Detail report to show a listing of dates a class met, how many hours the class met that day, how many hours the student attended that day, and the attendance rate
3. Show users a message when they cannot add another class to a student with details about why they cannot add a class
4. Changed all Operating Budget line items to not allow zero amounts to be budgeted
5. Show month name in title on Monthly Summary of Funds page – View button on page showing expense packages by month
6. Changed Budget Reports to only show line items appropriate for that funding source
7. Change the site pages so that the program selected is remembered for State Admins when navigating back and forth
8. Changed text boxes where dollar amounts are entered to not show zeroes by default
4.46/30/20151. Added ability to mark sites inactive
2. Added additional details to the error message for missing line item details
3. Changed Expense pages to only show valid line items and types for the funding source selected
4. Added export to Excel functionality on the Browse Inventory page
5. Changed “Date Inventoried” to “Acquisition Date” on Inventory pages
6. Disabled drop down lists in Budget and Expense if there is only one value to choose from
4.36/22/20151. No longer allow the min. attendance hours for registration date to be deleted on the Class Attendance page
2. Updated the way errors are displayed on the Class Attendance page to help users identify the reason for the errors
3. Decreased the time for 3 reports (Student Addresses/Mailing Labels, Student Contact Information, Student Attendance by State, Program or Class) and the Release Notes report to run
4. Updated Change Password page so that help and error messages are more obvious
5. Updated the verbiage on the Change Password page for accuracy
6. Added funding source to Browse Inventory page
7. Only allow Campus, Facility, or Room with no association elsewhere to be deleted
8. Changed Budgeting pages to only show valid line items and types for the funding source selected
4.26/2/20151. "DPE" changed to "ACCS" and "Department of Postsecondary Education" changed to "Alabama Community College System"
2. “Today” button removed from student Date of Birth control
3. When “Finish” is clicked on the last step of student registration and re-registration process, hide the “Back”, “Finish”, and “Cancel” buttons to help prevent the creation of duplicate students
4. Notify admins when resetting a user’s password fails
5. Decreased the time for 5 reports (Efficiency by Program, Efficiency by Class, Program Attendance Rate, Class Attendance Rate, and Student Attendance Rate) to run
6. Program Admins can add and edit site information again
7. Changed GED outcome date to show the date the student passed the GED instead of the date they completed the GED
8. Changed “Last Action” for students so it will change from “Entered” after a second test is entered again
4.15/22/20151. Changed “Date Registered” control when re-registering a student to default to the current month in the pop-up calendar when the control is clicked in
2. Show cancel icon on student re-register pages that were missing the icon
3. Changed the “Program Attendance Rate” report to match the “Class Attendance Rate” report, summed to the program level
4. Decreased the time for 5 reports (Table 8, Table 9, Table 10, Enrollment by County, Student Advancement by EFL) to run
5. Added inventory section to budget report Form 3A
6. Changed security so State Budget Managers can run Budget Reports without also having the State Admin role
7. Updated the Title II message on budget reports
8. Added validation for "Estimated # Hours" on User Employment tab to only allow numbers to be entered in the field
9. Added inventory pages to help manual
3.95/7/20151. Performed the May 2015 Department of Labor data match for Gained and Retained Employment
2. Decreased the time for 6 reports (Table 1, Table 2, Table 3, Table 5A, Table 5A Detail, and Table 6) to run
3. Fixed tabbing order on Step 2 of student enrollment
4. Changed the “Student Attendance Rate” report to be limited to the programs and classes selected when running the report
5. Sorted the “Student Attendance Rate” report by the “Attend. Rate” column
6. Changed the “Class Attendance Rate” report to match the “Student Attendance Rate” report, summed to the class level
7. Added pages to Browse, Create, and Edit Inventory data to be added to budget report Form 3A for items expensed in the Capitalized/Non-Capitalized line item
8. "Expense Manager" given permission to manage inventory, "State Admin" and "State Budget Manager" given permission to modify and delete inventory
9. Sorted the "Instructional Materials and Supplies Expenditures" report to match the Expense page
10. Fixed Expense pages so items in all line items in the Expense section can be edited
11. Allow all line items in the Budget to be submitted with or without comments
12. Changed Expense pages so that greater than 500 characters cannot be copied and pasted into the comments field and the expense saved
13. Changed error message to be displayed before the alert reminding users to have proper documentation when manually adding an outcome
3.84/21/20151. Decreased the time for 5 reports (Table 4 Detail, Table 4B, Table 4B Detail, Table 5, and Table 5 Detail) to run
2. Changed GED data match process to not give ASE High Students gains for completing the GED, but not passing
3. Removed advancements given to ASE High students by the GED data match who have not passed the GED
4. Changed the student registration process so that goals that were not selected do not get added to students
5. Default "Last Year Attended" from the previous registration when re-enrolling students
6. Do not allow a budget to be submitted if there are items with no detail record
7. Notify users when registering a student if the Class Hours entered for the student will change the Class Meeting Hours on the Class Attendance page
8. Do not allow Class Meeting Hours to be changed to be less than Instructor Attendance Hours on the Class Attendance page
9. Changed the message displayed when re-enrolling a continuing student who does not have enough hours to post-test to match the testing rules
10. Changed the Professional Development budget report to not crash when a long description is added for the expense
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