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Release Notes
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Release Date 
 11.23/14/20181. Added “Days Since” column to “Last Student Test(s)” report
2. Added “County Enrollment by Student Residence” report
3. Added “Student Certificate Detail” report from “Student Certificate Overview” report
4. Moved “OCTAE Goals and Outcomes” graph from Dashboard – Program Year page to an archived report
5. Added ability to manually adjust total salary in expense
6. Added “Submitted Budgets/Amendments” report for State Admins
7. Added “Submitted Expense Reports” report for State Admins
8. Automatically delete uploaded HSO documents after 3 years
9. Automatically delete uploaded budget award letters after 7 years
 11.12/28/20181. Added the Certificate Keyword “NRS Reportable - Student Entry into Postsecondary” and updated the Student Certificate pages to automatically give the goal and outcome of “Entry into postsecondary or job training program” when a certificate with this keyword is added
2. Updated “MSG” graph on “Dashboard – Fiscal Year” to include all types of Measurable Skill Gains in calculation
3. Added “Certificates Students Can Earn” report
4. Changed budget to not allow items to be deleted that have been expensed against
5. Changed name of “Enrollment by County” report to “County Enrollment by Class Location”
 10.92/26/20181. Added TABE 11/12 battery and tests
2. Added Work Keys 2.0 battery and tests
3. Added "Student Certificates Overview" report
4. Changed age allowed for HSO enrollment
5. Added email notification to the system office when a HSO Completion is entered with the Date AE Program Notified filled out
6. Data matched with DAX for Postsecondary Award
7. Data matched with DAX for Postsecondary Enrollment
 10.82/8/20181. Added “Test Score Needed For Gain” report
2. Added “Student Attendance by Month” report
3. Added ability to use Enter and Shift + Enter keys to navigate up and down within batch edit grids (including the Student Attendance grid)
4. Changed to not require a phone number or email address for inquiries with a reason of “Corrections”
5. Added ability to upload and download Work Keys documentation for HSO credits
6. Added ability to upload and download Prior Learning Experience documentation for HSO credits
7. Added Test Medium to GED Test pages
8. Changed “Enrollment” graph on “Dashboard – Fiscal Year” page to not include inactive students
9. Added “Total Expenditures” report
10. Changed to not allow reimbursements greater than expenditures
11. Changed to not allow total Expended Year To Date to exceed the Award Amount
 10.71/23/20181. Added “TANF Recipient” to student registration pages (View Student - Registration, Edit Student - Registration, Create Student, and Register Student)
2. Added “TANF Recipient” to the “2017-18 Enrollment Form” on the help page
3. Changed to automatically give Postsecondary Enrollment outcome when Career Pathways is entered
4. Added “Non-Traditional High School Options Transcript” upload and download to HSO Completion pages (View Student - HSO Completion, Add HSO Completion, and Edit HSO Completion)
5. Added “AHSGE Transcript” upload and download to HSO Enrollment pages (View Student - HSO Enrollment, HSO Enrollment, Edit HSO Enrollment, Create Student, and Register Student)
6. Changed how future employees are assigned to a hired employee in the budget
7. Updated Form 1A, Form 1A1, and Form 2A budget reports to distinguish future employees and the hired employees assigned
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Data Sources

In order to determine student outcomes, AAESAP collects data from the following entities to find matching students and denote outcomes: